drink it neat, properly

I. Chilled and pure

Drinking neat is the way most gourmets drink, because it can best feel the character and originality of whisky. But in summer, drink it neat, properly chilled, taste better.

In addition, when drinking neat, it is recommended that you can choose a tulip glass, its narrowing mouth helps the aroma to gather in the glass, which is conducive to students to taste the main types of whisky aroma. The portion of the wine in 1/3 is preferred. We need to pay attention to the whisky more than properly chilled can be, must not be too low because of the temperature requirements, which is not only detrimental to improve the volatilization of aroma.

Second, add ice water

Add a drop or two of appropriate ice water helps to reduce the spiciness of alcohol, but also helps to open the aroma level of whisky, thus presenting more water-soluble aroma. This is especially necessary for cask strengths or single casks that typically contain more than 50% alcohol.

Ice water is the best choice for good quality distilled or mineral water. Adding water is best controlled with a dropper, first add a drop or two, and then gradually add according to your taste needs, but the final amount added preferably not more than 1:1, otherwise the whisky will be lost because the taste is too light.

Third, add ice (ball) cubes

In the hot summer, there is nothing better than a glass of whisky with ice.

However, remember, do not add broken ice cubes, with ice ball development best, whisky hong konglarge ice cubes second, so that we can release ice water into the whisky liquid by slowly, but also can use the experience and the different ice water portions when the different impact on the taste, simply two birds with one stone.

There are many molds on e-commerce platforms that are suitable for making hockey balls at home. Of course, the water used to make ice balls is mineral water or good quality distilled water.

Fourth, make water cut (Mizuwari)

Cut water drinking method is especially suitable for those who just started drinking whiskey or girls who like low alcoholic beverages. The method is simple, take a tall glass, add some ice cubes at 3/4 height of the glass, then slowly add 1/3 of the whiskey, then slowly add distilled water or mineral water. Right over the ice. Finally, stir with a mixing spoon until the ice melts and serve.

Since water cut drinking method will affect to a large extent can reduce the alcoholic strength of whisky and lose to get the taste and flavor of the original, so we recommend that companies do not have to because too good whisky, generally no vintage or blend whisky together can be, grain whisky is also OK.

In the summer, cut water with sashimi and sushi is the perfect match.

Playing highball

Highball is a favorite drink of Japanese people. A typical Japanese highball goes like this: Squeeze some lemon juice into a tall glass or beer glass, then throw the lemon slices into the glass along with the rind, add lots of ice, then mix the whiskey with four parts soda water and slowly pour it into the glass, stirring it gently.

This way you can get an alcoholic beverage venture that is very refreshingly good and cool, just strong enough to drink with feeling, but not so strong that you will surrender in one glass. This is a drink that is suitable for China to open students a country evening, or to sip while eating.