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crisis as the number of college graduates exceeds 10 million once more

crisis as the number of college graduates exceeds 10 million once more

The class of 2023 is expected to number 11.58 million, an increase of 820,000 from the previous year. The Ministries of Education, Science and Technology, Human Resources and Social Security, and seven other departments have launched best vacuum cleaner wet and drythe "National Employment Action" to promote employment, with a focus on announcing high-quality jobs for key groups such as the 2023 class of ordinary college graduates and the 2022 class of graduates who have left school without employment.

After exceeding 10 million college graduates for the first time in 2022, this year is another employment year with a volume of more than 10 million college graduates. And this year is expected to have 820,000 more than last. Do not underestimate the 820,000, who add even more stress to an already stressful job market. Furthermore, as a result of the epidemic's impact, some graduates will still be unemployed in 2022, putting significant pressure and challenges on the job market.

This means that 2023 will be a very difficult year for college graduates in terms of employment, and it is critical to take strong measures to implement early encouragement and arrangements.

On the one hand, the optimized adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy has provided positive standards for economic recovery and development in various regions, and the fields of trade services, catering, accommodation, cultural tourism, and transportation, which were initially affected by the epidemic, are gradually recovering. Tourism, for example, has recovered to 90% of the same period in 2019 during the Spring Festival holiday, movie box office revenues have also performed well, and the catering industry has fully recovered; the secondary industry will also experience a stable repair situation after the consumer market recovers, which will have a positive impact on employment.

The external economic situation, on the other hand, is more complicated, with the Federal Reserve's unexpected interest rate hike causing a rapid return of global assets to the United States, European and American countries mired in stagflation, more rampant trade protection, the United States and other European and American countries suppressing Chinese companies in a more extreme and fiercer trend, and so on. External OTC antigen testmarket requirements for China's development will shrink, the environment may worsen, uncertainty will rise, and external demand's ability to drive employment will decline significantly.

In short, the employment environment in 2023 will be significantly better from a domestic standpoint, with significant expansion of employment space, and significantly worse from an international standpoint, with increased uncertainty. It is indeed critical and urgent to deal with the uncertain and difficult differences in a decisive and principled manner in order to improve employment work this year, particularly employment work for college graduates.

According to statistics, the national urban survey unemployment rate in December 2022 was 5.5%, 0.2 percentage points lower than in November. Although the unemployment rate remains high, it is gradually improving, and it should be possiblethe chinese university of hong kong qs ranking to find a better way to deal with another year of over 10 million college graduates as the economy continues to recover. 2022 is a difficult year for employment, but we have essentially completed the task of promoting employment goals, and in the general environment of full economic recovery, we should be more standard this year to improve college graduate employment.