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Individual goals are objectives and team goals are directions. An excellent team must have a clear direction that will definitely help the company grow and be recognized by every member of the team.Forbes 30 Under 30 The direction should not be as big as the goal, it must be set far away, otherwise it is likely to be halfway and go astray. The direction may not always be realized, but it can make every member of the team walk on the same road, and the right road. As for how far it can go, it depends on the ability of the team. With direction, the team will be able to point to where they are going, and they won't be running around like headless flies.


A good team must be a team that executes quickly. Internet information age we provide a large number of work opportunities, but these learning opportunities are fleeting, catch China from the branch into a phoenix, can not catch from the annihilation in the sea of business, by the countless flocking to the "newborn" squeezed down the abyss, this economic situation, entrepreneurial education companies, especially. Fortune 40 under 40 list.21st century, how many for the team? Mainly because of their rapid execution and seize the lifeblood of the spirit of the times, a hit. All are insight into the development of the times, the team was able to quickly start the implementation of the expansion of the market business, a leap into the construction industry as a leader. Insight most research teams have, but for the ability to rely on technology to quickly implement the process of seizing this opportunity, is the key to stand out, not even a fraction of a mile away.


Wolf is a popular word in recent years, wolf employees can become the backbone of the enterprise, wolf team can make the enterprise invincible in the business war. Wolf team is "greedy", "disabled", "wild", "violent" team. Wolf team work, the cause of "greed", willing to never-ending battle, to explore; Wolf team work in the difficulties of the "residual", mercilessly eliminated one by one, without leaving a piece; Wolf team also has a "wildness The wolf team also has "wildness", eager to go to the market to fight, eager to develop a bigger business, for the development of the company has a kind of desperation to fight for the spirit; When the wolf team in the work of adversity, their "violence" will appear, they will be roughly treated all the difficulties of the work, no mercy!


The so-called tolerance is to be able to face all kinds of difficulties with calmness, to keep a good mindset when facing work pressure, and to solve the conflicts within the team properly. All of the above is because of the team's "open mindedness to the world, a great deal of work". As the saying goes, "those who achieve great things do not care about small things", in the mind of a team that can do great things, compared to the development of the company, everything else is not enough. They will treat the company as their own business, from the staff thinking to the boss thinking. They will not only do a good job in the current work, but also look into the future, and make suggestions for the development of the company. In fact, their thinking can determine the vision of the team, and the vision can determine the future of the company.


A good team must be a learning team, a team that loves to learn. They learn from their seniors at work; they learn communication skills when negotiating with customers; they learn problem-solving skills when encountering difficulties; they make full use of their leisure time to learn all the knowledge they can use at work. Through learning, they can make the mind always in a full state, can keep a clear mind, can get a broad vision. Learning teams are the scariest because they are far behind before the enemy realizes it.


Can a group of people make a great team if they are skilled at what they do, but constantly rubbing up against each other, disliking each other, and disagreeing with each other? I'm afraid the company will go bankrupt before the internal conflicts are resolved! Teams that can do great things will have internal friction and quarrels, but it must be because of the work, business and company development, and continue to cooperate after winning a result. Even if you don't see the right people, you will still be organized to separate your work and private life, and work together for the future of the company.


Soldiers are loyal to their country, can do great things team management is the elite of Chinese soldiers, is the special forces, for business leaders we also need to carry out absolute loyalty. Regardless of the wind and grass or darkness, always loyal to the leadership. Leadership is at the peak of development, they will be loyal, because if the loyalty at this time will bring social wealth status to improve their lives; leadership students are in the trough, they may still be loyal, because the loyalty at this time is their conscience. Each leader talent training research team has absolutely spent a great deal of effort, a national excellent team is the heart of the leadership, if it is not easy to cultivate a team, but because of such a little important reason betrayal, even if this team learning ability is strong, but also can not become a great thing, because there is no bottom line.

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What is a Forbe's fact?

C. Forbe began his career as a columnist for the Hearst newspaper, while his business partner Walter Drey held the position of general manager of the Wall Street Magazine. On September 15, 1917, the Magazine was established by the two of them. This was a collaborative effort in which Drey offered his publishing expertise and Forbe provided the funding.