The largest number of young people in history is at the key of the digital economy

On July 23, the Global Youth Development Forum on the theme of digital economy, the United Nations Development Programme representative in China delivered a speech.

Chinese youth today showed that the largest and most tech-savvy generation of young people in history is at the heart of the current digital economy. These "digital natives" have ample potential to create innovative solutions for social progress and the ability to contribute to putting people from all walks of life back on track and inspiring change for a more inclusive, tolerant and sustainable world.

The Global Youth Development Forum Digital Economy Theme Forum was held in Beijing on the same day. At the forum, it was shown that intelligence is combined wifi bluetooth modulechanging the world at an unprecedented rate, with sophisticated and cutting-edge new technologies coming out every day. If we use these new technologies in a sustainable way and guide them to address many of the pressing challenges facing the world today, intelligence can become a force for good and help us get back on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Regarding how UNDP is helping to promote the development of young entrepreneurs in China, he said that in the past four years, UNDP has applied youth to help farmers sell their agricultural products on online platforms under the YouthCo:lab to promote rural revitalization in China. In the meantime, some youths have helped enterprises develop carbon emission roadmaps based on blockchain applications to complete the carbon seepage transition and help China accomplish its "double carbon" goal.

Looking to the future, it was stressed that tens of millions of jobs will require workers with advanced data skills, such as numbering, developing software and big data analytics, so it is important to ensure that all youth have access to data skills that match their employability to avoid the digital divide and inequities exacerbated by the digital economy.

"We should include the application of all people, including governments and companies. Intelligence becomes a more integral part of all aspects of their society. Innovative thinking by youth will be beneficial in driving this ongoing technological revolution."