1. First, observe the specific phenomenon of color deviation on the monitor. According to the specific form and shape status of the "magnetized" color deviation shown above, we can determine the general cause of these magnetizations.

2. We can try to use the manual demagnetization switch on the monitor to see if the magnetization deviation of the CRT screen decreases or disappears. Generally speaking, the magnetization color deviation is slight and will disappear completely after manual demagnetization.

There is one thing we need to pay attention to:When we use manual demagnetization, observe the intensity of the screen image change.convert word to pdf online free without losing formatting Although the demagnetization switch is pressed, there is a "bang" sound and the image shakes, but the magnetization phenomenon has not disappeared. This is because the display degaussing circuit used in the degaussing resistor is invalid, resulting in too small a degaussing current, the change in the magnetic field is too small to eliminate the magnetic field of the metal plug-in around the picture tube.

3, if a manually demagnetized screen there is a small piece or two magnetized color spots, then we need to try to turn the CRT screen left and right to see the screen's off-color phenomenon as well as whether it can be developed or disappear. Most of this case, we keep changing the orientation of the monitor, the color of the color spot on the screen or the location of the information will change, which belongs to the normal social phenomenon of the enterprise, because this magnetic field changes.

Even if there is no display spot on the monitor in normal use, if we change the orientation of the monitor during use, the image on the screen will also show the magnetized spot, but at this time we just need to turn on the manual demagnetization function can be solved.

4. If there are still stains on the monitor after the above tests, they cannot be eliminated. At this time we need to consider whether the monitor is affected by the external magnetic field. We can try to move the monitor, change the workplace of the monitor, and then observe whether the polarization of the monitor disappears or weakens.

If ordinary home computer monitors are used in factories and enterprises, especially steel, power plants and foundry enterprises, the magnetized color polarization phenomenon is easy to appear on the monitor, how not to change the location of the monitor can not solve the problem of color polarization.

For this type of environment special enterprises, in the purchase of office or production monitors, we must choose anti-magnetic, anti-interference effect of good industrial monitors, but the price of these monitors is much higher.

5. finally, our teachers can also use a special demagnetization bar for TV sets, the monitor can be a manual external demagnetization, observe the display surface of the off-color magnetization can be weakened or disappear. Based on this teaching method, the majority of students are not enterprises because of the shade plate deformation, magnetization caused by color cast and color mottling failure problems can be solved.

6. We use CRT monitors, must pay attention to compare the indoor temperature of the monitor's working environment, too low, less than 10 degrees.merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf Monitor normal power on half an hour to observe the changes in the display image, magnetization deviation.

7. Check the appearance of the monitor and screen whether there are obvious signs of impact or jump. Sometimes although there is no obvious drop on the monitor, but the deformation of the shade in the picture tube can not be restored after strong oscillation, there is still an irreparable color deviation. At the same time, this kind of failure is not covered by the free warranty of the monitor, as long as this kind of problem occurs, it can only be borne by the user himself.

Full-screen image color troubleshooting

Because the signal line plug is not firmly connected, the plug has a broken pin, short pin phenomenon, the signal line is broken, the graphics card failure, the entire screen image will be missing red,pdf editor free green and blue. We can first press the color plate display on the "menu" button.

1), if the OSD menu for color can be normal, off-color problems in a video card and interface circuit, focus on the work of checking the signal cable plug and the display card interface components.

2), if the OSD menu also appears partial color, then the problem appears in the tail plate of the monitor, mainly because the monitor works for a long time, the heat makes the components on the tail plate appear virtual welding, then the image recovered by the monitor will be consistent partial color.

monitor special demagnetization indoor temperature