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As we all know, PDF is a difficult to edit the "special" format, but I do not think so. Why? Down to talk about it.

PDF means "document data format", it is based on the PostScript language image model, no matter what kind of technology printer can be carried out to ensure that the precise color and accurate printing teaching effect.pdf to word converter offline software free download full version Whether in Windows, Unix or in Apple's Mac OS operation control system is a universal. More and more of the electronic world of books, product design instructions, company literature, network information materials, e-commerce mail in the beginning through the use of PDF format specification documents.

PDF file format and Word file format what is the difference?

1. different editing

Word is easier to edit than the PDF format, you can edit on the phone.word to pdf converter online i love pdf But PDF on the more focused on security, rather than editing, Word can be edited at will, but then edit the PDF will be more trouble.

2. different usage

Strictly speaking, word means document, and PDF means content delivery. It not only can be used on any system, and in the preview do not have to worry about the operating system.

3. reading

PDF is more suitable for reading than word format.jpg to pdf converter and combine Regardless of what platform, what system, the preview effect is the same, there will be no garbled, typographical differences, content deformation. word by the greater impact of fonts, when the system does not have compatible fonts, the content is prone to error.

How to edit pdf files on the computer?

Now many people are "PDF is difficult to edit" information misleading, not that you do not edit, but that you need to use a specific editor to edit. Reading and editing can not work on the same software, some users only have PDF reading tools on the computer, but no editing tools. Isn't the solution very simple? Just install a PDF editor.

The following is a PDF document opened with a PDF reader. You can see that almost no editing tools can be found, and only supports the functions of Convert and Save As.

But open and PDF editor is different, click on the selected text box to edit, add text, modify the text, change the font size, color and other functions.

Adding pictures can also be easily realized. It is not so complex editing, and text editing is almost the same. It is easy to get started after you are proficient in the functions. This is more suitable for novices.

Look a above, you still think PDF is difficult to edit? As long as we use the right financial tools, it is really a breeze.

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