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Word document into pdf format method of tutorials

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In our daily work and learning life, often need to edit a variety of text content in word documents. After editing,online pdf conversion free we will generally set a certain format, such as a variety of academic papers, a variety of applications. Sometimes, we will find that the formatting set on their own computer will be very confusing when opened on other devices. Do friends know how to avoid this situation? Actually, the way to avoid it is very simple. We can choose to format the Word document converted to PDF format, so that when opened on other devices can ensure the original format, to prevent others from tampering with the content of our documents. Friends know how to convert Word documents into PDF format? In fact, there are many very simple conversion methods. Bianshao here for friends to introduce two methods. Next, the edge of the Xiao will share with friends the specific steps.convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online If you need or are interested in, and the edge of the Xiao take a look at it!


Step 1:Method one. Click to open the Word document needs to be converted to PDF format, click the interface on the upper left of the "File" button;

Step 2: Click the new page on the left side of the "Export as PDF". If a save window pops up, click the "Save" button!

Step 3: You can see the "Export" window, you can see the export of the save location;

Step 4: After the export is completed, the system will automatically control the opening of PDF data files;

Step 5: method 2, you can also click the "File" button,convert word to pdf without losing formatting and then click the new page on the left side of the "Save As" button, and then click "Browse", or directly use F12 of the "Save As" shortcut, in the new window, click on the "Save as type" drop-down arrow, select "PDF";

Step 6: According to the need to set the file save location and file name, click the "Save" button.

The above is about how to convert Word documents to PDF tutorials. In addition to the methods mentioned above, we can also use online tools, or third-party tools to convert Word documents to PDF format, we can search directly in the browser Word to PDF to find online tools for conversion, we can also use third-party tools such as Format Factory to convert, if interested, you can try to operate it.

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