Why do salon treatments need to be weekly?

Why do salon treatments need to be weekly? Because weekly treatments allow the esthetician to have a more comprehensive understanding of your skin problems and provide the right advice. For example, during peak travel season, we provide professional sunscreen advice to clients who are about to go to the beach and guide them on how to properly treat their sunburned skin.

Secondly, when the seasons change, the skin needs to change products and how to match them needs attention.Mioggi Facial will give timely advice.

Thirdly, if you find that your keratin is too thick, you may have small closed mouths, which can be cleansed in time to avoid excessive oil secretion leading to acne.

Because for we need to know, the face grows a pimple, two pimples, if it grows to a piece, it will pass more difficult to deal with. Therefore, we teachers can get timely and effective keratin renewal to solve the problem of excessive oil in Chinese skin.

In addition, when we find redness, we will follow up on the products and treatments you use, and whether you are using inappropriate small instruments. Is this the right approach? We can detect problems and communicate with you in a timely manner through weekly treatments.

It really takes a professional skin tissue management company stores, each care work program design will record the skin condition, update and improve, and communicate with you effectively to ensure your skin health.

Customers don't get blackheads or acne, let alone breakouts on their face. Because as long as you're here, you won't get acne. And those who haven't been coming in for a long time may have tight mouths or enlarged pores on their faces, and that's because they haven't been coming in for treatments in a timely manner.

For example, if you don't come for a month or two and suddenly you find spots on your face, then the spots don't grow in a day or two, there will be some symptoms in the early stage, such as the cheekbones. If I find a customer's cheekbones are slightly red or reddened, I will remind them to pay attention to sun protection, rest, and moisturizing because it is an early symptom of melasma.

If a business does not have a working beautician or customer information that can't be carried out in time to come to the store, once melasma grows out, the treatment will be troublesome and expensive. Therefore, we advocate on-time care, take out as an hour or so a week to come to the salon, there is only good for the skin, there is no harm. This is because as we often say nowadays, it is the people who are capable of self-discipline who are able to achieve more and better freedom and beauty.

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