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Can cleaning your cell phone junk really speed up? Why is it that the more you clean, the more you get stuck?


I don't know how much memory we all have in our cell phones - 32G, 64G, 128G - but no matter how much memory they have in their cell phones, after a long time of use, they still have the word "card" in their mouths. Why? Is it because they don't clean the trash of their cell phones? I've seen a lot of people say that if you clean out your cell phone, you can still fight for another three years!convert scanned pdf to word online free large files But why is my cell phone getting more and more stuck? Clean up the problem of living garbage can really speed up? Many other partners have can be such a question, today to tell you, clean up the cell phone as garbage is not really very useful!

1. What does cell phone trash refer to

First of all, we have to figure out, we usually say clean up the garbage is what kind? Dry garbage? Wet garbage? Hazardous waste? Uh-huh... Of course not! Lately I've been brainwashed by sorting garbage. When I see something, the first thing that comes to mind is what garbage it is. Ha ha! Anyway, let's figure out what cell phone trash is. Here, let's categorize cell phone trash~

There are four main categories of junk on your phone: app cache, installer, uninstalled leftovers, and large files.

Application Cache:Application cache refers to images, websites, etc.. We temporarily store them in the browser or some applications. For example, the avatars of our QQ friends and the fonts we use in QQ are application caches, which need to be reloaded when we use them again after cleaning them up.

Installation package: This can be very well understood, that is, we all want to install the system software is certainly the first time to download the need for an installation package, right? Sometimes the installation package is not deleted after installation, so it also becomes a kind of garbage.

Uninstall residue: In fact, many times we uninstalled some software, not completely uninstalled it clean, some folders still exist in our phone, not cleaned up is also a kind of garbage.

Large files:The reason why it is called large files is because it takes up a lot of memory, usually some video files, system installation files and so on. They are usually video files, system installation files, etc., and they are also the ones that take up the most memory.

2.Why cell phone lags

Now that we know what cell phone junk is, let's take a look at the phone. Why is our cell phone lagging wood? As many of you know, over time, this is a common phenomenon with Android phones, while iOS has always been known for its smoothness. Why? Let's take a look at the differences between Android and iOS

iOS:IOS is very strict in managing mobile apps and does not allow apps to run quietly in the background! When we go back to desktop from APPs, these APPs can only run in the background for 10 minutes at most, and will not take up the running memory. And iOS system is closed, some software garbage can not occupy its running memory, so there is enough space to run other software.

Android: unlike iOS, Android is open, and if you don't manually close the background management software, these software will keep running quietly in the background, we must know that the running data memory is not the same as the storage memory, once the running memory is full, the cell phone use naturally becomes laggy~.

Having said that, can cleaning up your phone really speed things up? The answer is: to a certain extent. While lagging wood may have more to do with a lack of memory, cleaning up your phone can also take some of the load off of it!

3. Cleaning the right way

Some people think that cleaning cell phone junk has little effect because they don't clean their cell phone junk correctly. Many friends probably download a cleanup software in the phone and then point it out from time to time, but do you know that the garbage cleaned out in this way is actually just the tip of the iceberg!

So how do we properly clean up the trash? We can manually delete some folders, many friends do not know what to do in the phone which English folder, which can be deleted which can not be deleted? So you know what you can delete!

APK folder: here interview software installation package, deleted will not have any effect on the existing software;

log folder: this is where the log files are, deleting them won't affect anything;

temp folder: this is a temporary cache file, you can regularly clean up!

DCIM/Pictures tencent: pictures folder, clean up as needed;

tencent: a folder that occupies too much memory! All are our usual third-party chat tool files and pictures, can be deleted on the deletion, can save a lot of space!

4. Mistakenly deleted to retrieve the method

If you clean up your cell phone accidentally cleaned up some important work files, you can retrieve them through Mobile Recovery Master, which is a professional and safe recovery software with 24-hour online service by professionals.

We can use this software to retrieve our commonly used Word, Excel, PPT, PDF documents, according to the need to select a document type that needs to be recovered, to analyze the scanning recovery can be!

Cleaning up your phone's memory can affect your phone's speed, but more importantly, it depends on your memory and your phone's system. If your phone is still stuck after cleaning, it's time to change your phone!

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