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Master these 4 PDF editing tips and make yourself the best of your contemporaries!

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One of the document formats we use in our day-to-day work or study is PDF. most online print stores also ask us to send documents in PDF format. Why?

This is because PDF has the characteristics of being difficult to modify, easy to transfer, and highly compatible. No matter what device you open, you will see the same text and layout, while other file formats are opened in different devices,convert scanned pdf to word online free the layout of the layout may change, so everyone prefers PDF as a file format.

Do you know how PDF should be edited? Look at the editor below these 4 editing skills!

1. How to convert PDF to other formats?

This is more basic content. For example, Word, Excel, CAD and other formats of the document, want to convert to PDF.scanned pdf to word converter online you can find the appropriate content in the software PDF will be converted to other documents.

We choose the appropriate function. For example, I need to convert Word to PDF files, I will choose Word to PDF files, and then add files. You can add multiple files at a time for batch conversion, and then click "Start Conversion".investintech free online pdf to word converter Operation is very simple.

2. I don't need a few pages of the PDF how to delete?

Some PDF pages are more, there are some unwanted content, if you want to print, print together will only result in a waste of paper and ink, we can first remove the need for the page and then print and other related operations.

Open the software, select PDF Editor, click PDF Delete Pages, add files, and then select the page to be deleted, click Delete, this time is a preview of the state, if the choice is wrong, click again to cancel the deletion, and then click to start deleting.

If you want to delete more pages, you can hold down the shift key, click on the multi-page continuous selection of deletion.

3. PDF every time I open the need to enter the password how to do?

If the PDF is encrypted, even with a password, you need to enter the password every time you open it, and printing or copying may be restricted. At this point you can decrypt the PDF, decrypted PDF documents will not be restricted by the password.

Open the system software, select PDF processing in the PDF decryption, add a known password management needs to be decrypted through the PDF file, you can realize to add more than one data encryption technology file content for batch decryption, enter the password for the file, and then click on the start of the decryption can be.

This decrypted file will not have to print, share and other restrictions, and each time you open the password is not used.

4. PDF of the blank edge is too wide to affect the reading how to do?

Do your PDF pages have blank margins? These margins usually come from scans where we can add page numbers and headers.

If you only need to find a small tablet or cell phone, you will find that the blank edges occupy a large area of the screen, the text and other content becomes smaller to adapt to the screen size, so that we find the inconvenience.

This can be done on the PDF page can be cut, open the system software, select the PDF editor, click on the cut, the box selected a page within the desired location, and then we choose to cut their own current page or cut all the information on the page, and then in the preview box on the left to browse the cut page, the next step is to click on the user to save the download can be.

These four PDF editing skills are very practical, after learning, encounter the corresponding situation will know how to solve it.

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