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How to edit a PDF? Easy!Do you know?

How to edit a PDF? Easy!Do you know?

How to edit a PDF? Easy!

If you often work with computers, you must know that PDF is the most convenient circulation format, good compatibility. online pdf converter merge compressDo you know how to edit PDF? For example, delete text, have not found the right way to small partners may be very headache. It‘s actually very simple. The following Xiaobian will tell you about it.

Method 1: use a professional PDF editor for deletion

Open the editor and add the PDF file you want to edit to the operation page. There are two ways to add files. convert merge pdf to single pdfOne is to click File-Open to find the PDF file to edit, and the other is to click Open to find the PDF file. Both methods can achieve the same effect. You can choose whatever you want.

2. After adding Content, go to the top of the page and click the Edit Content button. Content editing includes all content, text, images, and shapes. You can choose according to your own needs. Today, Siao gives you an example using“Plain text”.

Click "Plain Text" to enter the text deletion page. Just click "Plain Text" and you can enter the operation page, cut or add what you need. word to pdf converter free download offlineIt is so simple that Lindbergh can read it just like typing in a Word document.

Save the file. After deleting the PDF file, click“File”-“Save as” to select the appropriate location and the deleted PDF file will be saved.

Method 2: Use PDF converter to delete online education websites.

Search for“PDF online editing” or“PDF online editing” in your browser to find a PDF online converter, then click on the action page and click on“Document processing”-“PDF editing”-“PDF delete text” to go to the action page.

2. On the operation page, you can view the "Click to Select File" button. Click to add a PDF file to the page, and then you can delete and modify the text.

The above is a small series of sharing, very simple, small partners as far as possible, oh, if you like small series of sharing can be the same as at the bottom of the page, pay attention to small series of bookmarks OH

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