three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine tools to complete industrialization

Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine tool is called the crown jewel of high-power laser processing equipment, is a set of light, machine, electricity, gas integration of high-end machine tools and equipment, is the rapid prototyping cnc processing of shaped surface satellite parts, representing the highest technical strength of the current global CNC lathe.

All along, three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine tools have been monopolized by overseas enterprises, but with the continuous efforts of our enterprises, this situation has been completely changed. So today we will talk about three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine tools.

Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine tools can be used in the automotive industry, mold industry, military and aerospace industry, home appliance industry and its shaped pipe type cutting, such as three-dimensional shaped surface of the cut hole and crimping, suitable for replacing the punching die and trimming die.

Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting technology in the last century 90 era has begun to develop, and then the market was basically monopolized by the German Trumpf (Trumpf), Italy Prima two companies. 2008, Japan NTC, Mitsubishi developed with low acceleration, low rate, high precision characteristics of the operating table mobile three-dimensional five-axis CO2 laser cutting machine. In short, this market is completely occupied by European and Japanese companies.

In fact, in the early days, three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine is mainly used for research and development and small batch development, such as the three-dimensional parts of stamping and forming to carry out crimping, cutting holes, replacing the traditional trimming die and punching die, reduce the new product development cycle, reduce manufacturing costs, so the annual market sales are very limited. However, with the occurrence and application of vehicle thermoforming technology, this type of supply and demand situation has been changed.

Currently, a large number of hot-formed steel plates are used in the manufacturing process of automobiles, such as front and rear door crash beams, front and rear bumpers, A-pillars, B-pillars, floor center channels, window and door reinforcements, roof reinforcement beams and other parts. Steel plate thermoforming technology means that the steel plate is first heated at 950℃ and then formed in one go, and then cooled quickly, which can enhance the strength of the steel plate, the tensile strength can reach more than 1000Mpa, and each square centimeter can withstand more than 10 tons of pressure. After such a steel plate used in the body, not only the weight of the car is not elevated, its bearing capacity can also be increased by 30%, greatly increasing the safety.

However, due to the high strength of the steel plate, the shape is complicated, the traditional stamping process can not be crimped and punched, only the use of laser equipment, which makes three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting cnc plastic prototype machine tools into the automotive production line, and because of its high production efficiency, stable performance and other characteristics, into an irreplaceable production process and procedures.

Generally speaking, each vehicle thermoforming production line must be configured with 4-5 three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine, and the world has nearly 450 such production lines, must be supported by three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine reached more than 2000. At present, there are 170 domestic thermoforming production lines up and down, must be equipped with three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine about 700 units.

In addition, there are now some manufacturers, the application of the tensile strength of 2000Mpa steel manufacturing cars, therefore, three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine products in the production of vehicles, will be more widely used.

We all know that China is a strong country in the production and sales of cars. 2021, China's car production is 26.08 million, car sales is 21.4 million units, get the world's first double. It is clear that the three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine must complete the independent control to do.

Previously, because of the lack of key technologies such as laser cutting head, the past three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting equipment market has been occupied by overseas manufacturers, the domestic automotive industry companies suffer from its "high price, long delivery cycle, high after-sales service costs".

The good news is that in this field, there have been a number of excellent domestic enterprises. For example, Huagong Technology.

Huagong Technology experienced ten years of scientific research, and in September 2017 launched the first set of domestic three-dimensional five-axis fiber laser cutting machine AUTOBOT 3015 for vehicle thermoforming parts, and that scientific research achievement got the first prize of Hubei Science and Technology Innovation in 2018.

The first set of three-dimensional five-axis thermoforming parts laser cutting equipment effectiveness filled the vacancy of domestic high-end equipment, adding significant progress to the development of China's automotive rapid cnc machining manufacturing industry.

At present, after years of development, the three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting equipment of Huagong Technology has been upgraded to 2.5 generations, and the exploded product has further improved the cutting head and floating axis structure, prompting the comprehensive cutting efficiency to increase by 20%, and the rhythm of one displacement of the rotary table has been reduced from 3s to 2.5s, and various characteristics have been further enhanced.

At present, Huagong Technology's 3D five-axis laser cutting machine tools have long been applied to the production lines of more than 20 brands of cars such as Volvo, Geely, Great Wall, etc. Meanwhile, on December 15 last year, it was also successfully exported to India, further illustrating that the new energy of 3D five-axis laser cutting machine tools has reached the international advanced level.

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