mature and less arrogant

The first is classmates

You can say that your college classmates are second only to your relatives in 大學排名香港importance to you in life.

The second is you

The four years you spend in college with people who are almost as good as you, better than 大學排名you, or not as good as you make you more mature and less arrogant.

The third step is cultivation

Your cultural, artistic, humanistic, and moral cultivation are deepening as you are surrounded by knowledgeable and cultured people, watching concerts, painting exhibitions, participating in clubs, reading various books!

The fourth is independent thinking

The university environment is more relaxed, and there is a lot of time for free arrangement, allowing you香港的大學排名 to exercise your independence.

The knowledge component

Despite missing classes, failing many times, sleeping in class, and sleeping in class, you still learn a lot! The Chinese rich generation relies on guts, the second generation relies on policies and relationships, the third generation relies on knowledge and brains, and now earning big money requires a lot of knowledge!

Education is number six

It is true that education does not equal achievement, but when you are first employed, your education determines roughly the scope and level of work you can perform.

Relationships between people

As a university student, all interpersonal relationships must be handled by you, and your experience and lessons in handling relationships will help you in the real world!

The eighth insight

In college, you learn a lot, get to know students and teachers from all over the world, the southern accent, which opens your eyes, opens your vision, opens your mind, and the future road is also open to you!

There are nine children

You may not have to go to college for four years after graduation, and your children will be born. If you do not go to college, you will affect your children and grandchildren.

Memories X.

After you leave college, you'll miss your college days, your college buddies, and your college sisters more than you can imagine!

As a final reminder, tell your children that you only have to attend college to think "what is the point of college"!