Is Amex still a good deal?

For those with good or excellent credit scores who want to earn rewards on domestic purchases they'll pay for in full by the due date each month, an American Express card is definitely worthwhile. If you want a low-interest introductory period in addition to rewards, an Amex card might be worth it.

Why is Amex so well-known?

Amex is so well-known because it provides high-end credit cards with excellent rewards and opulent extras that have over time evolved into status symbols in popular culture.

Is it worthwhile to switch from Amex Gold to Platinum?

But in the end, Amex Platinum is more valuable. For instance, its advantages include access to airport lounges, whereas the Amex Gold Card's advantages do not. Amex Platinum offers superior travel benefits and a higher maximum earning rate when it comes to continuous rewards on purchases. But Amex Gold offers better value on a daily basis.

If I don't travel, is Amex Platinum still worthwhile?

Both of these cards come with substantially reduced annual fees and rewards systems that are easier to earn if you aren't traveling. If you can take advantage of a major amount of The Platinum Card® from American Express's limited-time offers, it's generally worth having the card even if you aren't traveling.

Why is it called recurring?

The origins of the words "reoccurring" and "recurring" are really rather similar. The Latin verb currere, which means "to run," is the root of the words "recur" and "reoccur." As a result, "run" serves as a synonym for "happen," and both phrases signify "to run again."

Can you get a credit score of 900?

First off, it's not actually possible to have a credit score of 900. Additionally, only 1% of people have credit scores above 850, thus attempting to attain the greatest credit score possible can become completely unrealistic beyond a certain point. A credit score maximum of 900 is only available in a small number of credit score models.

What could harm your credit rating?

paying a late fee

Payments made on time are much more crucial when trying to establish credit. It's simple to make a mistake and forget one, but regrettably, if you are 30 days or more late and your tardiness is recorded to the credit bureaus, it could have a negative impact on your credit score.

What distinguishes a bill from an AUTOPAY?

With bill pay, you begin the payment, whereas with auto pay, the seller initiates the charge to your credit or debit card. This is the primary distinction between the two payment methods. Another distinction is that with auto pay, you give the merchant permission to repeatedly charge your card.

Who owns an AmEx Black Card?

But we have it on excellent authority that celebs including Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, and Jerry Seinfeld, who purportedly acquired the first-ever Black Card, all carry it. Overall there are likely to be fewer than 20,000 AmEx Centurion cardholders around the world.

What happens if you use your credit card in full?

complete payment of the credit card amount The best course of action is to pay the sum in full each statement period, if you can. You can save a ton of money by avoiding expensive interest payments if you pay the total sum in full. Your credit score may also benefit from full payment.