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Wafer Test Probes: Key Tool for Testing Semiconductor Wafer Quality and Performance

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A wafer test probe is a type of semiconductor test probe, a tool for inspecting semiconductor wafers.wafer testing Its main role is to help detect the quality and performance of wafers, including size, thickness, surface condition and electrical properties.

The wafer test probe consists of three parts: the probe, the probe body and the probe tail.wafer probe The probe is used to connect circuits on the wafer surface, the probe body is used to fix the probe on the wafer surface, and the probe end is used to connect a test instrument for circuit testing.

In addition, wafer test probes are also widely used for precision electrical measurements of complex, high-speed devices to ensure quality and reliability, and to reduce development time and the cost of the device manufacturing process.

The basic principle of wafer test probes is: put the wafer test probes on the wafer surface,probe holder when the probes contact the wafer surface, the wires of the probes will be connected to the wafer's circuitry to develop, so that we can improve the measurement of the parameters and structure of the circuitry on the wafer. At the same time, through the test machine, sorting machine, probe table with the enterprise use, screening out their own design defects and manufacturing some defects as well as products, semiconductor a product quality management control plays an important role in influencing.

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