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"Screaming out during sexual activity is a regular occurrence, and remote controlled vibe many individuals have had this experience. The endorphins that are produced by the body during sexual activity can provide pleasure and hence heighten the pleasure of the act. Sound is produced when endorphins are released because they activate nerve endings.

Additionally, the high amount of remote controlled vibe exertion that occurs during "doing the deed" causes the body to breathe quickly, which raises the body's metabolic rate and oxygen requirements. Voices are made unconsciously as a result of rapid breathing.

Even if it is a natural reaction, these two disorders may be the cause of the frequent grunting!


One of the typical gynecological illnesses affecting women is vaginitis, which can be brought on by mold, bacteria, or remote controlled vibe other microbial infections. Women who make loud sounds while having sex run the risk of promoting the growth of bacteria or other microbes in the vagina, which might lead to vaginitis. This could cause discomfort when having sex. Even bleeding during sexual activity may create symptoms, and if this happens, we should think about the source of vaginitis. Women may even scream in anguish during these symptoms.

2.Uterine fibroids

It's possible for women who make loud noises during sex to remote controlled vibe have enlarged or bleeding fibroids. Heavy menstruation, irregular menstruation, and abdominal discomfort are all signs of uterine fibroids. One of the most prevalent gynecological tumors in women is a fibrioma, which can be brought on by endometriosis, hormonal fluctuations, or heredity.

The two should pay attention to remote controlled vibe the woman's physical condition during "intercourse," refrain from exercising intercourse if there is discomfort, and go to the hospital as soon as possible to determine the cause. This disease can also cause pain and bleeding during intercourse.

Many individuals are misguided when it comes to "room life" and these two health issues.

1. Focus on your health

The two sides of the "room life" health issue need to pay attention, particularly female friends, who should not only clean up their private areas in the room before using it, but also thoroughly clean it after using it. This is because when either the male or female produced their own fluids during the process, the body produced a certain amount of bacteria that stayed in the body for a long period of time and caused women's gynecological diseases.

Additionally, a solid job of safe contraception should be used in conjunction to pregnancy preparation. For "coital life," couples must appropriately utilize safe contraception to prevent unplanned births and the spread of illness. It's crucial to pick contraceptives of high quality that adhere to regulations and to wear them properly when using them. In addition, it is important to utilize other contraceptive methods correctly and in accordance with the doctor's instructions. aware of the frequency

Although "living together" is a crucial aspect of a couple's existence, it's also necessary to pay attention to the frequency. Couples must logically arrange the frequency of "coital life" based on their individual physical, psychological, and life rhythm conditions, among other things.

First, the frequency should be determined by the physical state. Couples must choose the frequency of their "same room life" in accordance with their physical conditions. If there are illnesses of the reproductive system, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other illnesses, it is necessary to follow a doctor's instructions to avoid having too many or too demanding relationships in order to protect one's health.

Typically, two to three times per week is sufficient for coital life; nevertheless, frequent coital life may be harmful to both partners' health.

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